Choosing the right massage chair


  • Know Yourself – Know the nature of massage chair you need: Have a neck problem, back problem, or lower back problem? Do you need a more focused massage or a combination of kneading, rolling, or tapping?
  • Durability or temporary solution – If you need an urgent shiatsu massage, there are cheap rollers for the back on the market. If your ailments call for long term use, you will want a massage chair that lasts for years.
  • Buy from an online store – Malls will charge more than online stores. Tax and shipping are involved as is the mall’s store operating costs that have to be made up in your final price. Remember, when you do buy your massage chair from an online source, make sure the company is reputable and well known. If you buy a massage chair from an online store such as Sharper Image, you will have the assurance of a strong brand name behind your purchase.


  • Think about the return policy – You may think you will not return your massage chair but why take that chance. Please, just make sure you have the option to return or exchange, or you might end up with more stress than you started.
  • Kneading (Shiatsu) Massage
    A kneading massage both relaxes and invigorates the body. A kneading massage uses 3 complex movements.
    1. Pressure is applied gently to an accupoint
    2. The pressure is held allowing tension to transfer to the roller
    3. Tension is then released allowing the pressure to leave the system


    Rolling Massage
    Rolling massage stretch the spine by elongating the muscles that support your back. This relieves pressure on spinal discs. Rollers massage up and down the spine. This helps stimulate spinal nerve roots and reduce muscular back pain. The greater the area covered and greater the size of the rollers, the more optimal the massage becomes for increasing overall blood circulation.


    Tapping And Compression Massage
    Tapping massage improves blood circulation. Increased blood flow has the benefit of reducing muscular stiffness and enhancing movement of oxygen and other vital nutrients through the the body.

    This function helps free muscles of lactic acid after exercise and reduce stiffness in the region being massaged.

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