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Whether you’re about to buy a cheap, yet worthy massage chair or an expensive one which fulfills all your needs, it is very important to know what you need to have in s mechanical soul mate which is your massage chair. I may be wrong but most people make choices based on hearsay and often end up being disappointed, when it is a fact that you should check each Massage chair down to it’s tiniest detail.

Massage chairs are super relaxing and highly effective after a long day at work but how would you feel if your massage chair that was highly recommend by Mrs. Thompson stops working after 3 days, resulting in you losing a huge chunk of your money and getting but trouble in return. I know, not fun.

And definitely not worth all the time that you spent searching.

While there are over 2000 massage chairs or even more to look at, it makes the job even harder for a layman who is just looking for a good option that fits within their budget. Well, fret not! We’re here with the perfect guide to help you find the best massage chairs.

Factors To Consider While Choosing the Best Chair

It isn’t a big mystery when it comes to choosing the right massage chair. Sometimes, even the lowest priced variant does the job perfectly. So, the question is: what does the perfect massage chair have? It all depends on YOUR needs. For a tall person, you may be looking for leg extenders that provide additional space and assistance.



Narrow down your prospects according to the space of your apartment or living area. It makes things very realistic once you know how much spare space you have for the massage chair and it will also fit in with the rest of the house.



It should fit within your budget and it really helps a lot when you know exactly how much you can spend on the massage chair.



Look at all the features that the massage chairs have. Some chairs are specifically made for special purposes like chiropractic care or to fix posture after a long day. Some massage chairs are specifically for the shiatsu massage which is very popular.



It’s important to know all about the details including the warranty and the things covered in it. There are times when the warranty only covers certain physical damage caused to the massage chair which means you’ll have to pay for the servicing and other possible damage from your own pocket.



See how effective the mechanism of the chair is. Is it intended for gentle massages? Or a shiatsu massage? You need to know how intense the massage can be and if it’s any good for you.



You should know what kind of a massage chair are you looking for. There can be plenty ranging from a hundred bucks to a grand, but it all depends on what you need the chair for.




Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with yoga & heating therapy

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair is specially engineered according to the traditional L-design with 4 rollers along the air-massage system. These ensure that your body gets relaxed and that your massage is effective on your shoulders, arms, waist, hips and back.

L-track system is a kind of a shape of roller trail designed to support to your neck going down to your back all the way down to your hips. This makes sure each muscle is relaxed and this position also happens to decompress each individual spine of the body while increasing the after effects of massage. The Massage chair has space saving features with Zero Gravity Positions and takes upto 3 inches of space during the transition to zero gravity positions. It has 3 stages of true zero gravity positions during which you can attain optimum massage benefits.

The body scan technology ensures that the Massage Chair scans body size automatically. This allows you to have a customized full body massage at your convenience. Coming up to the air cell massage system, it is uniquely so that it can cover most of the surface area while using up minimal number of air cells. The Air cells are also programmed such that they can inflate and deflate separately which causes the body to twist and stretch simultaneously. Ultimately, it turns out to be a perfect massage chair which has highest quality and performs without making any noise.


  • L-design with 4 rollers.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Air-cell massage system.
  • De-stresses the body.
  • Automatically scans the body.
  • Customized massage according to body type/size.
  • Zero gravity technology.
  • Yoga and heating therapy.


  • I couldn’t find any!  best massage chair considering all points


Overall: It is a good massage chair, and can be termed as the basic massage chair for your needs. It is equipped with sturdy material and features like the amazing Zero gravity technology. It is the perfect option for those on a limited budget. It is fully automatic and customizes massages according to body type/size. The Yoga and heating therapy ensure that the body parts which are stiff and caught up, loosen and relax. I highly recommend it.

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner – Full Body Shiatsu, Zero Gravity, Armrest linkage system, with Heater

As sturdy and hefty as it looks, this massage chair is equipped with back massage rollers move in a circular motion and ease muscles instead of moving up and down. The rollers are highly efficient in massaging the neck and lower back. The package itself includes a remote controller but you can manually set time needed for each body part and the area of focus. There are 50 airbags placed all over the shoulder, arms, seat, and legs to massage gently and soothe aching muscles. The chair can bear a capacity of up to 440 pounds. Apart from this, There are foot extenders specially designed for taller individuals. For the foot rest, rollers are placed to massage instead of airbags since they are more effective and provide instant relief. Additionally, the massage chair features a heater which is fixed inside the seat. It promotes blood circulation and also helps in improving metabolism. The Advanced HD VFD display screen is high quality and makes the massage worthy of the time. There are two wheels on either side which facilitate in easy movement of the chair. The material used to make the chair is artificial leather which easier to clean than traditional leather.


  • Have two wheels for easy movement.
  • Made from artificial leather
  • Easy to clean.
  • 50 airbags
  • Can support upto 440 pounds.
  • Heating mechanism.
  • Promotes blood circulation and improves metabolism.
  • High definition VFD Display screen.
  • Arm rest linkage system.


I couldn’t find any! definitely one the best massage chair out there.


Overall: The real relax massage chair proves to be true to its claims. Equipped with 50 airbags, rollers etc. It provides optimum benefits and helps the body to relax. It supports upto 440 pounds. It promotes blood flow and improves metabolism tremendously. I highly recommend this variant because of the numerous benefits it provides.


Kahuna superior massage has an ergonomically structural design which provides the best massage. Because of the space-saving technology which only requires about 3 inches from the wall during zero-gravity position transition, it takes up very little space in accordance with the urban environment. The chair can be easily aligned with the other furniture and it wouldn’t look different than the other furniture.

Apart from this, Hip Air-Cell massage technology present in the chair ensures that the lower back and tissues around the area massaged and loosen up from a stiff state. The Calf and foot massage rollers help in improving blood circulation. It also has a special function for acupressure points of the arm and helps the arms and hands relax after a long, hard day at work. It is also equipped with the Heating therapy which enlightens the sensory nerves and soothes the affected area. The Upgraded LCD remote is easy to use and features automatic control of the massage chair. You can control the massage time up to 30 minutes and ensure that you get enough time in between massage sessions. It also has multiple types of roller massage from kneading to Shiatsu rolling to tapping


  • Space Saving with Zero Gravity.
  • Hip Air-Cell massage technology.
  • Wrap Around Calf and Foot Massage.
  • Acupressure Points (Arm)
  • Heating therapy
  • Upgrade LCD remote
  • Zipper Leg Extension Covering
  • Massage Time control up to 30 Minutes
  • LED Light design




Overall: The 6 rollers, air bags, and foot rollers, all combined working in tandem makes up for a dynamic sensory overload. For anyone with reasonable expectations from best massage chair, this chair would definitely not be disappointing. The airbags are efficient and can go from very light to very strong! The pressure can be adjusted according to your needs as well. This chair is a great deal for anyone who likes a Shiatsu or Deep Pressure massages at the comfort of their own home.

RELAXONCHAIR MK-IV Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The brand claims that it is highly sought after first class seat in the airplane. The design ensures that it is perfect for various sizes and shape of human body.

The chair can slide forward and the headrest can move downward to create a position which has zero gravity. It requires only 3 inches clearance from the wall.

Coming to the build, comparatively, the massage chair has a unique S-shaped system which is natural and comfortable in contouring your body. Apart from this, there are various combinations of massages for different needs.

There are deep massages for acupressure points which provides comfort to the muscles and bones. You can customize different massages, control the speed, intensity, techniques and the target area. There is also a manual massage mode where you can choose the speed control and apply combinations of massages. It also has a customized Shoulder Height Adjustment which allow you to get the perfect massage according to your height.

Carbon fiber is used as a hearing source which provides a quick heating function to the affected area. The bottom of the massage chair can be adjusted upto 8 inches for taller people. The arm Massager also allows easy movement and different positions for full arm massage.

PRICE: $2,299.00


  • Unique S-shaped build.
  • Arm Massager and Foot Massager.
  • Back Heating
  • Zero gravity position.
  • Manual massage mode.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Carbon Fiber to provide heat.


  • Expensive as compared to others.
  • Not easy to carry.

Overall: The unique S-shaped build makes it different from others. It has an amazing arm Massager and Foot Massager.

Back Heating provides relief from chronic pain. Carbon Fiber to provide heat is highly effective to cure stress and relieve muscles.

OSAKI OS-3D PRO CYBER Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

A bit on the pricier side but definitely not lesser than any of the mentioned massage chairs, The OSAKI OS-3D PRO CYBER massage chair comes evolved 3D with a different massage technology which ensures that you have an overall comfortable experience. It has the unique feature of a computer body scan which provides a massage according to specific individual needs. It features a next generation air massage technology with

36 air bags. The massage chair has a large variety of adjustments to meet specific needs. It also has a great selection of massage types and intensity to choose from. You can change points of focus as well. It also has leg extension and LED chemotherapy accupoint technology. There is a dual Foot Roller Massage and Low Back Heat Therapy which allows your muscles to relax and ease with the best provided by this best massage chair 2018.

Additionally, the massage chair also has an MP3 Connection and an easy to use, full-size remote to monitor and control the actions. It also has an automatic leg scan and an auto timer. Despite setting the 3D rollers to inset, you can feel the rollers causing a little discomfort to your lower back or tailbone. If you’re fully reclines with the majority of your weight resting on your tailbone, you’re likely to face severe pain, as some users have complained.


  • Next generation 3D massage technology, air massage technology etc.
  • Automatic body sensor.
  • Auto timer.
  • MP3 connection.
  • Generously padded cushions.
  • Arm Massager and Foot Massager.
  • Comfortable build.
  • Low back heat Therapy.
  • Foot massage rollers.
  • Easily adjustable.


  • Expensive as compared to others.
  • Not easy to carry.
  • Not portable.


Overall: The automatic body sensor is a part of the new technology. It comes with an auto timer and an MP3 connection.

Generously padded cushions offer a comfortable place to relax in. It is a perfect choice for the techies who would want the latest massage chairs equipped with newest features.



Cheap Massage Chairs

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C–BestMassage EC-06C

This Massage Chair comes equipped with an updated design and latest functions and features. The Ultra-long range massage ensures that it reaches down to every part of the neck going low down to the lower back to the tailbone area. It also has the most amazingly efficient fatigue relieving air massage. A total of 20 air bags are installed in the lower body of the chair to massage the legs, thighs and feet. It relaxes stiff muscles and promotes better blood circulation to the lower extremities of the body. The mechanism is adjustable and provides multiple levels of intensity going from strong to mild to weak massage.

Coming to the control panel, the control panel is super easy to use.

Additionally, the chair is fully automatic, it can be raised, reclined and the backrest, foot, leg can be risen and reclined with ease.


  • Easy to use control panel
  • Fully automatic.
  • Sturdy and strong build.
  • 20 air bags.
  • Promotes blood circulation and eases stiff muscles.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Ultra-long range massage.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Effective shiatsu massage.


  • Power rollers can be a bit harsh for some.


Overall: Essentially, you can see the results of the shiatsu massage. The Power rollers which are used to relax muscle stress and reduce fatigue are very effective. It improves flexibility of muscles, improves mobility and posture of the legs. This model of massage chair is best, efficient and completely worth the price.

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

The massage chair comes loaded with automatic massage programs which ease pain and relieve stress and provide utmost relaxation to the body.

iJoy-2580 massage chair handle can be pulled to ease the chair to a near 180° degree angle and there are many angles to choose from according to your comfort and requirements.

The built-in control panel have easy to use programs as simple as the One touch function. You can even choose between several manual massage techniques. Giving thought to the urban environment, it is very space-saving and takes up a small amount of space considering the restrictions of users living in congested areas. Chosen as a Best Buy by Consumer’s Digest in 2013, it definitely offers high quality for the price and extra facilities.

Apart from the previously mentioned features, it also has a cup holder and auxiliary power outlet to help you recharge devices and enjoy a rejuvenating massage anytime you need.

To add the cherry on the cake, this massage chair comes fully assembled.


  • Highly effective.
  • Built-in control panel
  • 100% PU Upholstery.
  • Space-saving.
  • One Touch Programs- easy to use.
  • Compact and travel friendly.
  • Auxiliary power outlet.
  • Generously padded cushions.
  • Arm Massager and Foot Massager.
  • Commercial grade material.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Fully assembled.


  • Not easy to carry.


Overall: It is highly effective in easing stressed out muscles. It has a built-in control panel. 100% PU Upholstery gives an overall stunning finish. It saves up a lot of space too.


Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Foot Roller Zero Gravity w/Heat

Last but not the least, Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is one which can be adjusted according to your height. The extended length can be upto 15 cm, to ensure that the entire body can get form fitting massage at the time of need. The foot rest frame can be extended as per the need and the armrest automatically slides according to the backrest tile degree.

While the chair is adjusted, the user can easily massage hand and waist. The creative function of the massage chair is based on chiropractic concept. It can be used to increase space between the vertebrae to avoid bone spur. It also prevents cartilage oppression on nerve .in this way.

Slip disk, a commonly occurring problem can be cured in this way. The massage chair also features a zero gravity mode which provides 118° of elevation between body and feet. The weight of each body part will distribute equally on the massage chair and ensure that the stress and pressure of the entire body is fully released. The function makes you feel weightlessness.

Massage methods of different individuals can be stored and then regained for later use.


  • Full body shiatsu massage.
  • Very effective and relaxing.
  • Stress buster.
  • Zero degree mode.
  • Armrest, backrest and overall comfort is maintained.
  • Generously padded cushions.
  • Arm Massager and Foot Massager.
  • Commercial grade material.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Massage patterns can be stored for later use.
  • Prevents bone spur.


  • Not easily portable.
  • Not easy to carry.


Overall, it offers a full body shiatsu massage which is highly effective and relaxing. It is a solid stress buster and

generously padded cushions provide enormous soothing to stiff muscles. They’re a cheap, affordable yet classy option which provide optimum benefits!



Massage chairs are great to get optimum health benefits and relaxation from stress, but it’s a very difficult task to find one. Owning a massage chair can be beneficial for you in the long run and help you save money on the possible trips to the masseuse or even a spa you would have to take. We think of massage chairs as an investment. Usually simple massage chairs range between 50-60$ to 300$ while the luxurious ones cost 300$ onwards. This does not mean that they’re not good enough. Lavish massage chairs are the perfect fit if you are looking for one for a long term basis. It is much better to invest in a massage chair than spend time at a professional therapist or masseuse.

On an average, a spa or massage session costs 50$ onwards thus making it viable to invest in a massage chair that is available at your beck and call. You have the best rated, full of amenities massage chairs to look at and to browse. The price increases when the functions do and accordingly, you can choose your massage chair to fit your needs and requirements. This is the end of your guide. As you may have judged already, massage chairs are not as complex as they look. It is simply a matter of how you look at them and the features that you’re looking for. May the best massage chair bring you comfort, help you relax and make it’s way to your home!